Leaving our first home ❤️

Oh well, this is getting real now…

We had our relocation programmed for today, August 23. Another update is that our arrival date in Amsterdam has been moved due to a delay in the traduction and legalization of our documents (government agencies in Honduras can be really hard to deal with 😓😪). The positive is that we have some additional time to spend with the family and friends, plan some local trips and do things like leaving our actual apartment without a rush. But we are sending today most of our belongings.

We enjoyed the last weeks of the apartment as it used to be. Our place was small, but it was just as we loved it, super cute and comfortable, our first home ❤️ it’s sad to leave this place ☹️ we will for sure miss it, great memories. Below a pic of the window view from our favorite spot in the apt, which used to be half Luis’ office and half my personal painting studio.

Monday and Tuesday we started classifying and inventorying everything we are sending via container, to be ready and make more expedite the pick up process.

The relocation company was at our place at 8:30am, Dennis, from Mudanzas GAMUNDI is the guy who stayed with us during the day, packing our stuff and I have to say he did an excellent job, very friendly and professional.

I would suggest go review with your relocation agency what are the policies of what you can take and what you cannot. For example, we didn’t know we were not able to send via container (sea) any liquids, medications or anything that is edible and we had a couple of things that we were planning to send that at the end, stayed… so will try to fit them in our bag when its the time to pack.

And then by the end of August, another local company helped us moved the last pieces out of the apartment. Below some pics from the moving.

With this, closing a chapter of our lives.

We are also celebrating our third anniversary these days!! So cheers 🥂 for many more blessings to come!

And lets enjoy the last couple of weeks in Honduras 🇭🇳 🎉

2 thoughts on “Leaving our first home ❤️

  1. Hey guys we miss you everyday here! Every weekend to be more accurate jaja missing the apartment too, it’s true, we’ll all miss it, really good memories we have in there!


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