A piece of advice for you moving abroad – Part 1

Whether you moving for work, to study, as a volunteer or just because you feel like having the experience of living abroad, there are a couple of things you might be interested in being aware, that can help you avoid the stress of unpleasant surprises and make your arrival smoother.

Part 1:Β Before you leave

You want to close a chapter and want to do it right, no loose ends. A couple of things you might need to clean up or prep prior to your departure.

Termination of credit cards. Make sure you do this with enough anticipation. Banks hate to cancel CCs contracts, so they will do whatever they can to try to retain you, so the termination process can be a pain πŸ™„πŸ˜ !!!

Cancel contracted services like phone, internet, gym, newspapers, etc.

See your general doctors 😷 get your dental check + cleaning, check your sight, ladies-see your gynecologist! You don’t want doctors to be in your first month’s visits… prevent.

If you use prescribed medication, make sure you carry at least for six months, unless you are 100% sure that you will find the exact same one on your new country.

Get your goods together. You might have items at your parents/friends place, office/university or who knows where! So try to check up on the most important things, specially documents.

Classify πŸ”– 🏷 Taking with me. Shipping via boat. Staying. Donate/Dispose. Take with you anything that is number one priority πŸ’Ό remember airline baggage policies are very restrictive, so just leave clothing for the last weeks in your home country and the first weeks in the new, considering weather. Also take with you valuable jewelry or articles, prescribed medications and documents.

Ship via boat πŸ“¦ This being the most efficient method of transportation if you are moving more than what a pair of bags can carry, it is usually about two to four weeks in transit. Take this as a fresh new start and make it an opportunity to clean up, don’t move everything you had in your current house/apartment that you have collected over the years. Take with you things that really matter and a few that might help you feel like home in your new place. If you have kids… it gets a bit heavier, because you definitely need to help the little ones to feel like home. But also take it as a chance to teach them to say goodbye to material stuff and donate to others less fortunate.

Staying. So if you planning to come back any time in the future, you can save some clothes that can make your next trip lighter. Im leaving many of my summer clothing, since I’m moving to a mostly chilly weather. You can also leave books or a DIY project (in my case, paintings) that can make your loved ones feel you close.

Donate and dispose. When you start inventorying your stuff, you’ll find so many things you didn’t know/remembered you had, items that you bought in a discount or garage sells, presents, two objects of the same, articles that you never used (and lets be honest you will never do), damaged pieces that were never repaired… just taking space in the spare room. What is in good conditions and can be used by anyone, donate it πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΌ to a friend or to the church, local police, firefighter station or community organizations dedicated to help people in need. What is trash is trash, its time to let go 🌬

Since you know you are leaving, dont get too busy and make sure to dedicate quality time for what is real πŸ’• Enjoy your friends and family you have at home and get ready to make new ones!

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