The honeymoon phase ❤️

Well, apparently there are some “phases” that expats experience between the arrival, exploring the new and loving everything 😍 through the frustration of missing home and feeling overwhelmed by the culture and things not happening the way it was planned to finally accepting 🙂🙃 adjusting to the changes and feeling home again. It might take a couple of days, weeks or months to experience each and get over them… who knows!

And of course at this time I am in the honeymoon phase 💚 living the adventure, enjoying the weather (fall🍁), tasting the local foods (you’ll see more of these delights in another post), admiring the beautiful landscapes, observing how people move around in their bikes 🚲 and how everything works so calm and smoothly. Its kinda like being in vacations but knowing you are here to stay this time.

I have to state that it has gotten a bit overwhelming in some occasions already. All of this is so different to what we were used to, it even feels sort of surreal. From being sweating all day in my super warm Honduras 😰☀️ here with a chilly climate, these days the weather has been around 17-13 degrees Celsius, people are wearing nice suits and scarves which make everyone look so chic and elegant while walking the streets or riding their bikes plus me being one of them! In regards to transportation, I was used to spend at least 2.5 hours per day in a car… now I am mainly walking and/or using public transportation to all my destinations! I was sick and tired of my sedentary life, so my body is really thankful to be moving 🏃🏻‍♀️ and finally achieving my daily steps goal! Language-wise, I had to switch from my native Spanish, to English and Dutch. Everyone here, locals included, speak English so were I mainly feel the fault of not knowing Dutch, is in the written one. From bank letters and contracts to street signs and stores where products are all labeled in Dutch. Don’t get me wrong, all these changes make me feel super excited, its just a lot to assimilate. It’s important to be able to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged with things you’re not familiar to. That challenge will allow you to see what you can do and grow as an individual.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

I read this phrase some time ago but is the type of words that stay in your mind for a while. At that moment, it was a little frustrating, it was back in the days where I was stuck in a bad routine were, seriously, I didn’t remember when was the last time I tried something new and exciting. Just in the circle of job, traffic, some time with the family, try to make some time for the social/hobbies and then again its Monday. Just waiting for Friday, then for vacations, which is the only time you can expect to adventure. I was rolling in the tram a few days ago when this phrase came to my mind again and made me feel cheerful this time, it’s amazing 😃 I am going through a period of first times on so many things!

I am adding some pics of my journey so far and you can check some more at my Instagram. Some of the things you’ll see in the pics of our first weeks is us exploring the city, at day and night, parks, markets, buildings, canals, bars, eating in the street tables, biking (which we rented, still haven’t gotten ours yet) and trees changing colors 🍃🍂 I’m loving fall.

6 thoughts on “The honeymoon phase ❤️

  1. Amazing Maria!! Me encanta todo tu post, espero que el proceso de adaptación sea rápido y emocionante. 😍


  2. Man, pretty excited to check out that local food post you mentioned at the beginning of the post jaja cool post and pics! keep em coming!


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