What we eat in Amsterdam, part 1

Since I got here, I have been encountering/adopting different food habits that I want to share with all of you. The foods you’ll see below are from restaurants, cafes, food trucks, street shops and some were homemade 💕

To begin with, I want to mention that the Dutchies generally eat only one hot meal per day, being dinner. Breakfast is something light 🥐 and lunch is a sandwich, sushi, salad or wrap + they drink a lot of tea and coffee ☕️ during the day.

Bread slice with unsalted butter and chocolate sprinkles. You have no idea how much the people in the lowlands love these hagelslag. Judge by the supermarket stands, they have a varied selection of sprinkles and spreads. There is even a variety of sprinkles in blue and pink which are used for gender revealing! So we tried it at home for breakfast and they were very good! But we were hungry again in less than an hour, it was more like a snack but well, they eat these at any time of the day.

Dutch pancakes: They are a variety of a pancake, way thinner than the regular ones 🥞 but a bit thicker than a crepe. You can spread chocolate, caramel, bananas, strawberries or the topping of your preference.We tried these initially in a restaurant and we reaaaally liked them, so now we buy the pack and prepare them home anytime.

Maybe you have heard of the famous Vlaamse frites, thicker than regular potato fries, served in a cone shaped paper container and topped with your sauce of choice, most popular are mayonnaise, tartar and spicy sauce but they vary from shop to shop. A very particular one is mayonnaise + peanut sauce + chopped onions 🤔 weird! Fun fact: even though these are usually purchased from stands in the streets even in the cold weather these fries remain hot as hell up to the last one you eat!

Churros: Hmm, I have tried them before and these are just regular churros, topped with chocolate, caramel or powder sugar. Not a fan 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can usually find them in the markets and fairs.


Papernoten: Popular in the holiday season, traditionally they believe that Sinterklaas brought them to kids. They are small cookies similar to gingerbread. Got mine from a cafe in a hotel and yes I liked them 🙂


Poffertjes: Lovely delish minipancakes, served very hot, glaced with a lot of powder sugar and a chunk of butter. Now I buy the packages at the supermarket and prepare them home 💕 Love them.

Stroopwafel: Two thin waffle layers baked with caramel in the middle, crunchy outside with a delicious chewy center. I’ve eaten too many of these and are my husband’s favorite Dutch treat after chocolate, which now that I mention, the chocolate stand in the supermarkets are packed with a huge variety of so many good ones, Dutchies eat lots of chocolate and I can relate 🙈 we eat chocolate almost every day now 🍫❤️

Cheese 🧀 Entering a cheese shop for a cheese lover is like a playground!! You get to try samples of their varieties, young, aged, smoked, spicy, with mustard or jam, for you to pick your favorite to take home.

Last but not least… Haring, yes I tried it and yes, I liked it. Its not something I crave, but I would eat again if someone wants to share. You can find it around the city in markets, food trucks, supermarkets and others. Its raw fish served sliced in a plate with onions and sweet pickles, also offered in a bun (sub-like). The original way to eat it is the whole fish 🐟 grabbing it from the tail 👌🏼 bring it up, tilt your head back and give it a bite!


When I first got here, I asked a local “What are your traditional foods?” and he said they don’t have traditional meals, they just have some delights. And now that I have been around, gotta say its true. Most of these traditional Dutch foods are tiny grab and go delish treats! I have enjoyed this eating experience so far and yet I am missing a lot to try, so i’ll keep on my mission of eating Amsterdam out and you’ll see more of their foods in a future post!


6 thoughts on “What we eat in Amsterdam, part 1

  1. That’s so cool! I think it’s interesting that is mainly treats and not like whole meals! Cause here in Honduras we have plenty of main meals and treats! But seems like that’s common in Europe!
    I think that what I’d like the most from what you posted are vlaamse frites!! I love food from Street stands.


    1. You would definitely enjoy eating in Amsterdam Bro! Its all about eating in the street trucks and stands!! One thing here, another there, sweet or salty! Delish 👌🏼


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