Time for Tulips! 🌷

All around the world, we celebrate many “National something Day”, but see how nice they celebrate the “National Tulip day” in Amsterdam! This was an event that I was looking forward since before my arrival to the Netherlands, because they are very well known for tulips and because seriously, how not to love them?

And the day arrived! This is celebrated every year since 2012, the third Saturday of January and for 2018 date was set for 20 January, opening the gates at 13:00. Preparations start at 08:00, setting up a huge garden like area with tulips at Dam Square. This year the special theme is “Romance” (which is also the theme in the Keukenhof Gardens), so the word LOVE was read from the very convenient stair bridge, which was also for those who didn’t want to wait in the queue or grab tulips, just appreciate the view. The place was packed, we spent 40 minutes in line until the entrance, where you were given a bag to gather tulips as you wish with a maximum of 15 per person. As you can see in the pictures, tulips still have the bulb, so you can take them home and plant them in your own garden!! And wait for it… its all free 🌷🌷🌷

In Amsterdam, you commonly find tulip bouquets in the flower shops, but witnessing so many of them all together in this garden was a lovely experience!! Can’t wait to visit the Keukenhof Gardens  😍🌷💕 I can imagine how captivating this must be! By the way, this year the gardens will open from 22 March to 13 May, so lets plan!!

Heads up: The next Nationale Tulpendag is set for 19 January 2019 🌷

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