What we eat in the Netherlands, part 2

Hi everyone! Yes, this is a part two, if you missed the first one, you can catch up here I promise it will make your mouth water 🤤

Continuing my foodie journey 😛😛

Oliebollen: Which the literal translation is “oily ball”, are fried balls of donut-like dough. I tried two varieties, the naturel, which is just the plain ball sprinkled with powdered sugar and another with raisins and apple bits. They are just made in the winter season (November-December-January), bakeries and markets stands put out their big signs screaming  🔊 “Ollieballen”. Although they can be eaten cold or warm, I liked them better warm.

Bitterballen: Another fried ball but this time salty. I’ve tried these in a few places and they are not bad but I’m not fascinated… It’s crunchy on the outside and the filling is like mashed potatoes with some pieces of ground meat. Apparently, they’re prepared differently from place to place and are usually served in bars. They are super hot inside so the correct way to eat them is to half them first.

FEBO: It’s a fast food chain, so fast that you get your snacks from wall vending machines! What you will commonly see in these is a variety of croquettes, souffles, burgers, and fries. At the beginning, it didn’t call my attention very much but since they are so popular, I had to try them. So we passed by a FEBO and exchanged a bill for some coins in their very convenient machine to gather some snacks! Tried a kaassoufflé, and two varieties of croquettes. And well, I liked them. Of course, don’t expect a gourmet fancy snack,  but in the scale of junkie, deep fried sh*t, they were tasty. Oh, and they are 1.80 each 😝

Stamppot and hutspot: This is a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed veggies and sausage. We cooked this at home twice. The first time we made it our way and it was yummy! The second time we did the original Boerenkool stamppot from a recipe. Its potatoes, onions, and kale topped with sausage (rookworst) and it is as easy as putting everything in a boiling water pot for 25 minutes, then mash the veggies and cut the sausage! I have to say that with kale we didn’t like it thaaat much. Kale gives it a strong taste, some people even add an apple to the pot to milden the flavor. Overall, I think it’s good and worth trying, there are many variations in the ingredients and cooking methods. Its also sold in the supermarkets (to-go trays) and in food shops.

Fondue: OMG 😛 I am a cheese lover and the idea of dipping bread and some other veggies into melted cheese 🤤 can’t sound any better. Got my fondue making pot and bought a pack of the prepared fondue mix from the supermarket. I was so excited 🤪😃Unfortunately… I didn’t like it 😭 the taste was too strong and sour for my taste 😞 But I might give it another try and will go to a cheese shop, get the right amount of gruyere, cheddar, Emmentaler cheese and prepare it from scratch with white wine and the spices and will see how it goes!

Returning to the sweets… Waffles are very popular here too, they have many options of toppings as well and you can find them in the street food shops, particularly in every street around the Red Light District and also in the supermarket if you wish to prepare them at home.

Liquorice, AKA Drop: Well, I heard about this disgusting gummy-like candy, that makes people wanna throw out! Of course, I was not thrilled about trying it, especially because in general, I don’t like eating gummies. I went to the supermarket on my hunt and found a huge variety of brands, shapes, tastes (sweet, salty, soft, hard and special flavors) that I didn’t notice before (now they are pretty evident and they are in every store). Liquorice or licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavor is obtained.  Seriously, I don’t understand how people love these, the one that I tried was not tasty at all and I’m pretty sure it was not the worst! Even the smell is kinda weird. If you like root beer you might like it, though.

Speculaas: Is a cookie common in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Its flavor is kinda vanilla-caramelly-spicy and they are found in many products like cookies, hot choco mix, chocolates and as in the picture… ice cream.


And the more I look around for Dutch foods the more I discover 🤤 so who knows, there might be a part three in the future when I get deeper into the culture!

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.”

– John Walters


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