30 day Museum Challenge

Ohh yes… you read good! I know, it’s a bit crazy (and some may even find it boring…), but why not? It’ll be an amazing learning experience that will help me to enrich my general knowledge

These “challenges” have become a popular thing, therefore, I decided to make one for myself. I recently got my Museumkaart and Im determined to get the best out of it so I prepared a calendar for April to visit one museum per day.


Also, National Museum week is from 9-15 April so some museums bring out special collections! Lets see what we find!

And no, I am not exactly a museum fan. Im a very visual person, so usually when I visit museums I enjoy watching all the paintings, colors, figures, artifacts or collections, but im a lazy reader 🙈 so I will have to put some effort there. I have started preparing myself and reading in advance about the first museums and it actually looks like its going to be a pretty cool experience!

Stay tunned!

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