Moco Museum 🎈

This is one of the five museums located in Museumplein, with modern and contemporary art, it is one of my favorites in Amsterdam. Before my visit, I was expecting Banksy and Dali, very sadly upon my arrival, I learned that the exhibitions of this museum are not permanent and Dali’s time was over, giving the spot to Roy Lichtenstein, which is also really cool, but again, such I shame I missed the art pieces of Salvador Dali.

Banksy 💜 England, 1974.

Known for his street art, with characteristic stencil techniques and spray paint he has created works in walls, cardboard, wood, metal, transit signs, to mention some, many can be appreciated in the museum along with his canvases and fiberglass figures.

My very favorite is “Gasmask boy” painted in 2009 with spray paint and oil on wood. And I also liked this Home Sweet Home painting… 🤔

Below, some of the pieces that I liked the most, and you can find a short description or my thoughts on each caption.

Fact: London has maps marking the locations where you can find original street art from Banksy, many of which are monitored against vandalism.

Roy Lichtenstein 💛 USA, 1923

Pop art with a very particular style using bright colors, especially yellow, blue and red, bold lines, patterns, and dots. Some of his series of paintings are still life, brush strokes, cubism, and comics strip.

“Bedroom in Arles” is an oil and Magna painting by Lichtenstein inspired in Van Gogh’s painting “Bedroom in Arles”. Check out the 3D room at Moco.

Curious Fact: Roy Lichtenstein’s piece “Big Painting No.6” set a record auction price for a painting by a living American artist when it sold for $75,000 in 1970.

“Big Painting No. 6″ 1965, Oil and Magna on canvas, 92.5″ x 129” (Brushstrokes series)

General Museum Info:

  • Website:
  • Regular price: 12.50€ – Museumkaart price: 10.00€
  • Audio guide: 2.50€
  • Suitable for kids? Yes
  • Are pets accepted? No, except for service animals with their proper harness.
  • Wheelchair friendly facilities? No
  • Cafeteria? No
  • Museum shop? Yes
  • Location: Museumplein
Mickey in the museum’s garden by Fidia Falaschetti

Banksy is staying in the museum for a while, but Lichtenstein will be out by the end of May, coming next Icy and Sot two Iranian brothers that have a very similar style to Banksy’s street art.

I do art as a hobby, and I can say I came out of this museum inspired. I would definitely recommend it, however, I suggest to check out their website if you want to know which is the actual exhibition or keep an eye on their social media.

“Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit”



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