Het Schelpenmuseum Amsterdam

This is a store/museum where you will find a great variety of seashells, precious stones, minerals, sea fans, pearls, seaweed, shellfish, shark teeth, sea urchins, conch, snails, coral and well, it is a beautiful place to get distracted admiring natural treasures. There are no labels giving details of each piece but the lady in the store is very open to giving information if asked. There are some cabinets with collections, which are not for sale but must of the items in the place have price tags. You will also find jewelry, home decor, books, posters and other related items for souvenirs or gifts.

Below pictures of many curious pieces that I liked, some descriptions in the captions.

Probably, you didn’t hear of this museum before because it is only one year old, so I recommend hopping by if you are around the Czaar Peter Quartier. I don’t suggest going with kids thou, the area is reduced and a great part of the expositions are handy fragile items (I was scared of accidentally throwing down something with my backpack-I know I’m a bit messy 😅).

Location: Czaar Peterstraat 249, 1018 NE Amsterdam
Price: Free!
Plan to stay here for approximately 25 minutes.

Enjoy Nature 💚

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