Foam: Photography Museum + EYE Film Museum 📷 🎞📽

Foam Photography Museum

What you will find here: Of course, Photos. They have different exhibitions from time to time. Sharing a few of the ones I had the opportunity to watch.

Lucas Foglia in the exhibition Human Nature – forests, farms, deserts, ice fields, and oceans.


Below one of the photos that impressed me the most… New crop varieties are grown and tested in the Geneva Greenhouses at the New York State Agricultural Experiment  Station. Crop scientists race to create climate-change-resilient agriculture. As droughts, extreme rainstorms, and other erratic weather patterns intensify, farmers need crops that can cope with such stress.

New Crop Varieties for Extreme Weather, Geneva Greenhouses, NYC


Jacob Riis (1849-1914), Danish immigrant in the USA that was concerned for the poor living conditions of inhabitants and became an important journalist and one of the founders of documentary photography. The Other Half

  • Website:
  • Regular price: 5.50 – Free with museumkaart.
  • Suitable for kids? Yes
  • Suitable for wheelchairs: Request access in advance to check the possibilities.
  • Cafeteria: Yes
  • Museum shop: Yes
  • Location: Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam


EYE Film Museum

What you will find here: This museum has a permanent exhibition, that is the history of film and how it has been developing from times to time until the modern days we are living where we all have become filmmakers with our smartphones. They also have a temporary exhibition, in this occasion was from Hito Steyerl, Ben Rivers, Wang Bing, which was a series of digital art films presented in many rooms that were accommodated with bean bags, chairs or sofas.

How much time should you plan to stay? I spent one hour there, but if you see in google, the approx. time they give you is 3 hours, very extreme difference. After visiting I understood why. There are some booths where you can select movies to watch and also this other room where you can watch mini clips of famous classical movies, plus this place is also a movie theater. So it really varies from people to people, if you want to go and have the full experience and search for and watch your favorite classic films, you can take your time.

  • Website:
  • Regular price: 10.00 – Free with museumkaart.
  • Wheelchair friendly facilities? Yes
  • Cafeteria? Yes
  • Museum shop? Yes
  • Location: IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam
  • Free lockers available.

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