What’s the deal with Stonehenge?

So, yeah… I knew what I was going to see when getting there: rocks. Of course I was keen on the visit but I didn’t have my expectations too high because I could imagine how crowded it might be… perhaps I was not even going to be able to appreciate the monument at its full extent. I was also aware that there are boundary ropes around the stones so probably not as magical or celestial as you can hanker for.

We got to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre on a tour bus. They got our entrance tickets (which were £17.50) and audio guides. Then we got on an internal bus that was the one taking us to the actual Stonehenge site.

When I stepped off the bus I couldn’t help but to be amazed! Standing in front of such an imposing historical monument! One of the most mysterious prehistoric sites on earth. And surprisingly it was not crowded at all!!

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The monument dates from 2300 BC. It consists of a circular arrangement of a variety of stones from different origins. Their weights are between 5 and 30 tons!

There are lots of studies and theories about Stonehenge. They say it was a Sacred Burial Site since human remains have been found there. Another use is astrology, to predict the seasons for agriculture through the solstice.

In the visitor centre, you will find some exhibitions including a 360 screen presenting a timeline video of how the site could have looked, to how it changed over the years.

I loved this place. I love that we cannot fully understand it. That we cannot tell how the heck did the rocks got there and how was it built or the reason why. Probably we will never know all these answers. This is the type of place that fulfills me. When I left the site, and even while writing, choosing the photos and putting this post together, I was still with this astonishment feeling within.

Closing fact: The title of the post was inspired on this song. Note: It’s a funny one 😋😅

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