My latest project: Unbalance

If you know me or read my blog, you know that I paint as a hobby (nothing in particular). However, for this last one I got real inspiration, and feel the need to share it.

Unbalance. The main figure depicts the skyline of a forest with a “water reflection” of a city. Painted in grayscale, and with a ground level that is asymmetrically positioned below the center of the canvas, supports the main idea of the unbalanced environmental condition of the Earth. 

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The planet is changing at a frightening pace. Particularly, forests are being cut down for urban development and commercial use. Deforestation causes carbon dioxide to accumulate in the atmosphere which has a devastating impact on the climate, basically, without the forests, our planet cannot breathe! Furthermore, they are the habitat of thousands of organisms which is also causing wildlife to declined and become extinct!

And we have the nerve to call this destruction… progress? I believe that part of the problem is that we are not aware enough of how critical the situation is. The stability of our planet cannot be taken for granted, and fortunately, nowadays more people are becoming aware of this reality.

At this point, bold and radical measures should be applied (which must come from the governments and such entities), but we can also do our part. You might be thinking there are just a few crazy rebels with hope; and that a small change that one makes might not save the world. But we are 7.7 billion individuals living on Earth! Even if it’s a small action each person actively performs, it actually contributes! Every grain of rice counts! This doesn’t mean that you need to become the fairy godmother of Mother Nature, but at least start with a small action and make it a habit.

The first important change is awareness! We are most of the time on autopilot, we do things just because we have always done it that way or because it is the easiest, most comfortable or practical way. Be mindful. Spread the word. Inspire others.

Because simple things can make a difference and we are morally obliged to take action to ensure that humanity and nature thrive!

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