About Me

One day you have this big plan in your head and then life throws something at you and everything changes. For me that something was our relocation to Amsterdam.

We had a couple of projects back home, particularly me, I was planning to start up a mini art school with a friend of mine, she is good at drawing ✏️ and I like painting 🎨. My husband also had some projects on the sight 💻 related to his career. However, living abroad is something we had on our bucket list and the time has now arrived.

This is the first time I am writing, and it’s an idea that came to my mind as a way of communication of my stories and adventures with family and friends and to document my trips. With this main objective comes by hand second one, to help other expats by sharing experiences of my relocation and also travelers, by giving tips on my trips!

Leaving, learning and sharing!

You see I have a simple belief, life is there to be lived and opportunities come to you when you least expect them and only once, so they are not to be wasted.

So this is more less what you will be seeing in my future posts, life stories, events, and experiences of my new journey 💚

Always look forward to the next big challenge. After all, that’s what we live for.

Photo courtesy of Katharina Rothermel from Victoria in the Woods